The Basics of Copyright and the Recent Amendments Brought to the Copyright Act 2014 and Recent Case Laws and Trends

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Mrs J Lau Yuk Poon


Mrs Mary Jane LAU YUK POON holds the post of Assistant Solicitor General and is currently inter alia involved with IP, TCI issues at the Attorney General’s Office. She holds a Masters in Technology Law and Intellectual Property Rights.

She was the Chairperson of the High Powered Committee  consisting of various stakeholders and which looked into the various amendments to be brought to The Copyright Act 2014.

Course Description

The Copyright Act 2014 was amended before Parliament in December 2017 by way of The Copyright (Amendment) Bill.  The basics of copyright law and an overview of what copyright is all about and how relevant it is or can be to our daily lives in the 20th century will be looked into.  Are we aware if and when we are infringing copyright?

This presentation will analyse:-

(a) the background and rationale of various amendments brought to the Act;  and

(b) the latest trends in the world as regards copyright law.  

We will overview some latest case laws in this dynamic and ever changing sphere of law against the background of ever faster advances in technology

Experience Level:
Law Practitioners & Legal Officers