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Legal challenges of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by Me Ashwin Dwarka on 24 May 2018
Course Description - “Legal implications of crypto-currencies in Mauritius” on 24 May 2018
Estate planning for Mauritians and Foreigners: Opportunities and threats on 11 April 2018
Conserving the past: the role of International law in safeguarding heritage in Mauritius by Ms Erika Techera on 3 April, 2018
Le pacte d'actionnaires - 22 Mars 2018
“VAT on immoveable property transaction - for Notaries” on 21 March 2018
The outcomes of legal environment assessment (lea) on HIV in Mauritius
The role of law in the response to HIV
“Documenting tax issues in domestic and cross-border corporate and banking transactions” on 19 March 2018
International Law and Electronic Waste by Stephanie Reiche-de Vigan on 2 March 2018
Marine Environmental Law - 1 March 2018
Course Description - Arbitration Awards 14 March 2018
Finance Act 2017 - Amendments to Value Added Act 1998 on 29 January 2018
Better Management for Barristers - 21 february 2018
Technique contractuelle - exercice de rédaction d'un contrat Pr J B Seube 8 Fevrier 2018
Presentation “Changes brought by the Finance Act 2017” 29th of January, 2018
PAYE form - “Changes brought by the Finance Act 2017” on the 29th of January, 2018
Online application - “Changes brought by the Finance Act 2017” on the 29th of January, 2018