ETHICS - “Reassessing the ethical principles of the legal profession: the case for updating the Code of Ethics for Attorneys”

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Resource Persons:

1.  Rajesh Bucktowonsingh SA provides legal advice and assistance particularly with respect to Corporate, Commercial, Insolvency, Banking and Shipping Litigations. He served as a member and President of the Mauritius Law Society. He has been a member of the Environment Appeal Tribunal and a member of a Steering Committee to review the Insolvency Law in Mauritius.

2.  Paul Ozin Q.C. specialises principally in the fields of financial and business crime, regulatory and disciplinary proceedings and related public law and civil actions. He is an established writer, speaker and Chair of conferences in those fields. He is the Vice-Chair of the Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers. He is a former Standing Counsel to the Department of Business.

Course Synopsis :

As is well known, reform of legal regulation in Mauritius is presently the subject of consideration by, amongst others, the Phillips High Level Committee.

In this seminar, Me. Paul Ozin QC and Me. Rajesh Bucktowonsingh SA will provide a background to the current frameworks for regulating attorneys in Mauritius and legal professionals in England and Wales. They will consider the current Code of Ethics for Attorneys (made by the Council of The Mauritius Law Society under Section 17 (1) of The Mauritius Law Society Act) (“the Code”) and examine, against the background of the alternative models in England and Wales and practical examples, the question of whether the Code meets the changing needs of the legal sector in Mauritius. It is intended that the discussion will encourage debate. Time will be set aside for questions from the floor.

Experience Level:
Law Practitioners & Legal Officers