“Prosecution Counsel"s role in a criminal enquiry and investigation”

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Resource Persons:

1. Me. V. Appadoo, Assistant DPP
2. Me. M. Armoogum, Senior State Counsel, ODPP

Course description: 

This course looks at the role of the counsel for prosecution at the investigations stage and the interaction of the latter with investigative bodies prior to the trial. In this course, the following aspects will be discussed:

  • Preliminary duties of a lawyer (in the police station);
  • Dealing with disclosure issues;
  • Matters of law arising at investigation stage;
  • Decision to prosecute;
  • Others procedural aspects such as - building up the police file (PF100 form), standing orders (when issued), what types of cases are sent for advice, decision to prosecute, avenues for the DPP whilst making the decision of whether to prosecute or not (section 72 of the Constitution and relevant sections under the Criminal Procedure Act);
  • Drafting, swearing and amendment of information and the possible complications which might arise;
  • Arraignment and pleas;
  • Transition from provisional charge to main case;
  • Prohibition orders & application for variation;
  • Bail and variation conditions;
  • Abuse of process; and
  • Role of SLO/ Prosecuting Counsel in certain limited proceedings.

Target Audience: Law Practitioners

Experience Level:
Law Practitioners & Legal Officers