"Human Rights, HIV and the Law: a decade later, where do we stand"

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Mrs Michaela Clayton, ARASA, Human Rights Lawyer


Mrs Michaela Clayton is a human rights lawyer working on HIV and human rights since 1989 with significant experience regionally and internationally in HIV and human rights programming design, implementation and evaluation, civil society capacity strengthening for improved advocacy, development of capacity strengthening and advocacy materials, the working of international and regional treaty bodies, human rights frameworks and bodies, international financing mechanisms, policy and legal analysis, policy development, legal drafting, the establishment and maintenance of large regional partnerships of diverse civil society organisations, organisational development and internal systems establishment and strengthening, organisational governance, and resource mobilisation.

She obtained an LLB degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1985. Besides, she was admitted as an attorney of the Cape of Good Hope Provincial Division, South Africa and also of the High Court of West Africa. Furthermore, she was also admitted as an advocate of the High Court of Namibia in the year 1994. In addition to that, Mrs Clayton was a visiting scholar in Human Rights Advocates Programme-Centre for the Study of Human Rights from the University of Columbia, New York in 1990. Mrs Clayton is currently the Director of AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa, Windhoek, Namibia and prior to that, she was a Legal Practitioner and Co-Ordinator of the AIDS Law Unit, Legal Assistance Centre of the same company. She also taught several subjects at the University of Namibia, including  the Law of contract and environmental law and Human rights and Constitutional Law and has written several articles and publications on AIDS and Human Rights.

Mrs Clayton is a  member of various regional and international advisory bodies. These bodies include the Human Rights and Law Reform subcommittee of the National AIDS Co-ordinating Committee of South Africa, Advisory Board for the VSO Regional AIDS Initiative for Southern Africa, Open Society in Southern Africa (OSISA) HIV/AIDS programme Advisory Board, SADC HIV/AIDS Technical Advisory Committee, UNDP, UNAIDS Human Rights Reference Group and Global Task Force on Women, Girls and Gender, Global Fund Human Rights Reference Group, WHO  Civil Society Reference Group, UNHCHR, Conference Programme Committee, SA AIDS Conference , Track F Programme Committee, International AIDS Conference,  International Advisory Group on Universal Access, Regional Advisory Group for the Global Commission on HIV and Law Africa Dialogue, International Steering Committee, ICASA and International Steering Committee AIDS. She is also an expert in consulyayions and consultancies and these involve conducting LEAs in Namibia and Seychelles, designing framework for integration of rights of PLHIV into African national human rights frameworks, development of Handbook on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights for National Human Rights Commissions, development of guidelines Labour Court Judges on HIV and the World of Work, revision of Guideline 6 of the International Guidelines on HIV and Human Rights.

Course Description:

Theme: HIV, Human Rights and Law in Mauritius:

A decade after the promulgation of the HIV and AIDS Act 2006.

The HIV epidemic has become one of the greatest public health challenges of our time. Today, we have all the necessary evidence and tools necessary to significantly reduce new HIV transmission. Paradoxically, despite national and international commitments to address HIV more effectively, legal barriers still impede on the HIV response.

The law, and the manner in which it is interpreted, applied and developed, has the potential both to mitigate and aggravate the impact of the epidemic.

This seminar will interrogate the role that the law has to play in the HIV response and provide an overview of the laws in Mauritius that either facilitate or hinder access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services.

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Experience Level:
Law Practitioners & Legal Officers