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Resource Person:Ms. Susan Kimani, MIAC Co-Registrar and PCA Legal Counsel Ms. Susan Kimani is a Co-Registrar... more details
Resource Person:Mr Arvin Halkhoree, Senior Associate-Barrister, JURISTCONSULT CHAMBERS Course description:The... more details
Resource Person:Me. Hervé Duval, SC Me. Hervé Duval, SC, is the founder and Managing Director of the... more details
Resource Person:Mr. N. Tacouri, Section Head at the Mauritius Revenue AuthorityMr. Nund Kishore Tacouri... more details
Resource Person: Mr Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director of the Geroudis Law Firm more details
Resource Person: Mr Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director of the Geroudis Law Firm more details
Resource Person: Mr. Jason Harel, Co-Founding Partner of BLC Robert & Associates Course synopsis:... more details
Resource Person: Mr. BOOLELL Satyajit, Director of Public Prosecutions Course synopsis: To be uploaded... more details

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Judicial Training

Judicial Training for Supreme Court Judges "How to write better judgments?" 11-12 April 2019

"Judicial Activism of the Supreme Court in respect to the interpretation of basic human rights and the challenges face by the Indian Judiciary" on Friday, 29 March 2019 as from 11.00 to 12.30 by Honourable Madan Lokur, Retired Indian Supreme Court Judge.

"The computerization of the Administration of Justice in India" on Friday, 29 March 2019 as from 14.00 to 15.00 by Honourable Madan Lokur, Retired Indian Supreme Court Judge.

Events Gallery

IJLS Law Journal Publications Issue 2 ISBN 978-99949-949-5-3

March 2019

1) Article of Mathilde Balagué

January 2019

1) The implications of neuroscience on sentencing by Sabah Carrim

November 2018

1) An analysis of the effectiveness of the soft law approach in the context of corporate governance in multinational companies (‘MNCs’) in the UK and in the EU by Ms Bibi Azna Bholah, Barrister at law - ISBN 978-99949-949-6-0

IJLS Law Journal Publications  ISBN 978-99949-949-0-8

August 2018
1) Learning from Elsewhere? Some comparative reflections on youth justice and the penal responsibility of children by Professor Stewart Field, School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University - ISBN 978-99949-949-4-6

June 2018
1) "L’effectivité des droits de la défense en droits français et mauricien" par M. Romain Ollard, Professeur à l’Université de Poitiers - ISBN No. 978-99949-949-3-9

May 2018
1) "A critical analysis of the SOTRAMON case" by Deborah Landemarre, French magistrate trainee - intern in IJLS ISBN No. 978-99949-949-2-2

April 2018
1) « Le traitement judiciaire des atteintes à la réputation, dénigrement, diffamation et injures sur Internet » par M. Vincent Vigneau, Conseiller à la Cour de Cassation, Professeur associé à l’université de Versailles - ISBN No. 978-99949-951-7-2
2) “The Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion: Considerations and Ethics” by Mrs. Sulakshna Beekarry, Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions - ISBN 978-99949-951-2-7 
3) “The challenging role of banks in preventing money laundering and terrorist financing” by Mr. Kaushik Goburdhun, Barrister-at-Law - ISBN No: 978-99949-951-8-9

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